Kevin’s "Trade" at Karma Kitchen Today

Today at Karma Kitchen , several of us were disarmed by the power of assuming value everywhere. :) The morning rolled off to a quiet start– where, within the first hour of opening, our crew of 15 spirited volunteers were serving 3 guests

A Pledge For Grateful Living

This week’s Awakin reading is by Brother David Steindl-Rast titled ‘A Pledge For Grateful Living': In thanksgiving for life, I pledge to overcome the illusion of ENTITLEMENT by reminding myself that everything is gift and, thus, to live GRATEFULLY.

Ripples from Spain

Thank you all for sharing so much love in California, and for the continuous inspiration you give to this world in so many ways! It was amazing to be there every Wednesday for almost 2 months!! While I was gone, Awakin Burgos continued on here in Spain. And more recently, we had some beautiful inspiration and friendship gatherings like this: And another gathering was with family and friends where organically we co-created a circle of appreciation. It was so beautiful and special! A very powerful thing was that my mother opened it up …

Vancouver’s Pop-Up Shelters

A Vancouver-based advertising company teamed up with a grassroots advocacy group to extend kindness to the city’s homeless population in a beautifully creative way. “During the day, the [bus] benches serve as seating for those waiting for the bus to arrive.

Public Art: A Path To Safer, Stronger Neighborhoods

Art that merges with the landscape brings human presence, safety, and physical activity into the city’s spaces. This kind of art triggers more than one sense: it is something you move in, touch, and, in some cases, even eat. In Detroit, a spread-out city of single-family homes that is difficult to traverse and pockmarked by vacancy, these artistic interventions are an uncommonly powerful nexus of community life

Chance Encounter With 96-Year-Old Dada Vaswani

I had met him once before. Also by chance. Last November, I was sick and my body was weak, but Sheetal felt deeply called to have me accept Dada Vaswani's invitation to attend a public program

shares …

My friend Terry and I are in the process of getting a Labyrinth in Mesquite knowing that it will serve many purposes for our community. Maybe even put us on the map:)…